The Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Harare Zimbabwe

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Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Harare, Zimbabwe

2 Arden Road

(+263) (0 )4-776701 / 776702 / 776703 / 776704 / 776705 / 776706 or +263 (0)772 236 150 / (0)772 236 151


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September 16, 2014 Madam President, I will shortly present the budget for 2015. A budget that can best be described as ‘prudent’. Prudent in its additional expenditure. Prudent in the burden it places on individuals and businesses. And prudent in its specific forecasts about the future. Prudence is essential given the current international uncertainties, especially in view of their potential impact on our fragile economic recovery. The government is therefore seeking a balance between restoring purchasing power, reducing financial risks and increasing expenditure, as it must in the light of international tensions.

September 16, 2014 The Netherlands is slowly recovering from the crisis. Exports, corporate investments and consumption are all increasing. Economic growth in 2015 is projected at 1.25%. But the recovery is fragile and at risk from international developments. Unemployment remains high and tackling it is one of the government’s top priorities. The 2015 Budget Memorandum strikes a balance between restoring purchasing power and strengthening public finances. It also includes targeted measures to accelerate economic growth, stimulate employment and respond to the current international tensions.