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  • Applying for a Schengen visa at the Royal Netherlands Embassy in Harare

Via the menu on the left you will find general information about the Schengen Visa. The information will tell you more about e.g. which nationalities need to apply for a Schengen visa, where you can apply for a visa, what types of visa are available, where you will need to apply for a visa if you are visiting several Schengen countries and how to appeal if your visa is not granted. We advise you to read through the general information before you familiarize yourself with the specific visa information from the Netherlands Embassy in Harare.

When, how long and how much?

You can hand in your visa application at the Royal Netherlands Embassy in Harare not earlier than three months and not later than two weeks before the intended visit. All applicants have to appear in person when applying. Because all applications are processed at the Royal Netherlands Embassy in Pretoria, South Africa, all visa applications, without exception, take a minimum of two weeks to be processed.

Transit and short stay visas costs €60,-, payable in US dollars. Applicants traveling on passports from Russia, Moldavia, Ukraine and Georgia and non-biometric passports from Albania, Bosnia, Serbia, Herzegovina, Montenegro and the former Yugoslavian Republic Macedonia pay the equivalent of €35,- in US dollars for their visa applications. Applications for a Caribbean visa costs €35,-, payable in US dollars. For the price of a national long stay visa (MVV) check the website

Visa fees are the equivalent in USD of 60 Euro's (adjusted every 1st of every month).

What documentation needs to be submitted for every application?

  1. A clearly completed and signed Schengen application form.
  2. A passport, which must be valid for a period of at least 3 months beyond the applicant’s last day of stay in the Schengen states. Please ensure that the passport has 2 blank pages to affix the visa. Zimbabwean Emergency Travel documents are not accepted as a travel document.
  3. Two recent passport sized photographs in colour (and of good quality).
  4. A visa for the final country of destination (if needed) must be obtained before applying for a Schengen visa.
  5. Round trip itinerary with dates and flight numbers specifying entry and exit from Schengen state. (We advise you to only purchase the actual ticket once the visa has been issued.)
  6. Proof of sufficient funds for duration of stay from the applicant or sponsor (for the Netherlands € 34.00 p.d.), e.g.:
    - tax receipt of foreign exchange purchased bearing applicant’s name
    - recent bank statement of the applicant's sponsor, showing a balance sufficient for the duration of stay
    - travellers cheques
    - for credit cards, recent credit card statement. Cash will not be accepted as proof of foreign exchange.
  7. Travel/health/accident insurance with minimum medical coverage of the equivalent of €30.000,00. Applicants must present an insurance policy that states the policy number, name of insured person, validity and schedule benefits. The insurance must cover medical attention, emergency hospital treatment and repatriation for medical reasons ‘on the spot’.
  8. Accommodation: a confirmed hotel reservation is required (hotel vouchers are not necessarily proof of a confirmed hotel booking). If applicant is staying with a relative or friend, an invitation letter from the host and a formal guarantee form/proof of sponsorship form legalised by the Dutch local council where the relative/friend lives, together with copy of passport or ID is required. E-mails may be taken into consideration as long as it is clear that the host lives in the Netherlands. A document that has been stamped by the relevant authorities may be requested. For those on pre-paid tours, please provide us with details of the tour and with a proof of payment to the tour operator.
  9. For business: an official business letter from the company in the Schengen state as well as from the employer stating purpose of visit must be presented. For conferences: proof of registration and payment.
  10. Certified parental consent, by both parents for children under 18 travelling alone. If the child is travelling with only one parent, a notarized/certified consent letter from the other parent is required. If only one parent has guardianship of the minor, the court documents stating that this is so must be presented.  The birth certificate of all under aged applicants and a copy of their parents ID must accompany the consent letter.

The Schengen State’s Consular offices reserve the right to request further documentation should it be deemed necessary, such as:

  • Proof of employment: (e.g. letter from company stating that applicant will continue employment after the period of leave and duration of vacation etc)
  • If applicant is a student: letter from school/college/university confirming continued attendance.
  • Bank and credit card statements for last 3 months.
  • A personal interview with the applicant may be requested at any time

Please Note:

  • There is no guarantee that a visa will be issued and no rights can be derived from the information obtained on this website.
  • Visa applications may be rejected if application forms are not fully completed and signed and are not accompanied by the required documents.
  • Procedure: It is the responsibility of the applicant to take note of the visa application requirements and to apply in time, before making travel arrangements.
  • Entry into the Schengen territory: The possession of a visa is only one of the prerequisites for entry into the territory of the Schengen state. Should the Schengen State’s border authority refuse entry, no claim to reimbursement of the visa can be submitted. The border police at your Schengen destination may request the presentation of sufficient funds, a letter of invitation, hotel reservation and proof of medical insurance. Failure to present said funds/documents may result in entry being refused.
  • Processing fees are not reimbursable if a visa is rejected or an application is withdrawn.
  • Fees and requirements are subject to change without prior notice


If you have any questions in relation to the above information or your actual application, please do not hesitate to contact the visa department at the Royal Netherlands Embassy in Harare: (+263) 04 776 701 to 6 or

There are 3 types of visas you can apply for. Check which one applies to you. See the information in the left menu.

Complete this form and take it to the Dutch embassy or consulate-general.